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The Wonderful Benefits of Avocado Seeds For Health and Beauty

Avocadoes have been considered a superfood for the many health benefits they offer the body, but only the flesh is used, most people just throw away avocado seeds which make up more than 18% of the deliciously creamy fruit.

People have no idea what they’re missing out on by not consuming the seeds, it’s been proven that they have more than 70% of the antioxidant content in the whole avocado fruit, making it an excellent source of nutrients with multiple health benefits.

In this list, we will talk about some of the health and beauty benefits of avocado seeds:

Health Booster

1.A rich source of antioxidants

A 2003 study have concluded that the seeds of some tropical fruits had 70% more antioxidants than the flesh of the fruit. One of the fruits in this study was avocado.

Antioxidants help preventing and reducing stress at a cellular level, they reduce cellular aging and inflammation as well as maintain the body in great shape.

2. Cancer prevention

One study linked avocado seeds to one type of cancer, myeloid leukemia, and a type of cancer that originates in the bone marrow and spreads through the bloodstream. The compound found in avocado seeds not only destroys cancer cells but also has no side effect on the healthy blood cells, a groundbreaking discovery up to this day!

3. Helps heal digestive problems

Some indigenous tribes have been using avocado seeds to treat different problems in the digestive tract.

The seeds can help with the most common problems like ulcers, diarrhea, and constipation. The nutrients responsible for this are soluble fiber and anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce bloating and help the system detox by eliminating the toxins that are responsible for the majority of disorders.

4. Lowers cholesterol levels and prevents heart disease

Avocado seeds have more soluble fiber than other natural food, besides helping with the digestive tract, this soluble fiber eliminates the build-up of cholesterol, preventing heart disease, heart failure, and strokes.

The seeds help lower LDL, which is known as the bad cholesterol, and have a lot of healthy fatty acids to increase the levels of HDL, also known as the good cholesterol.

5. Curbs cravings

Both insoluble and soluble fibers contained in avocado seeds can help curb cravings, they help to keep you feeling fuller in between meals, effectively reducing cravings and snacking.

The fact that they also eliminate the toxins in the body is another amazing factor since it improves the absorption of nutrients and raises the metabolism rate.

6. Regulates blood sugar levels

The best way to prevent blood sugar imbalances is to adopt a diet high in fiber and low in sugar.

When adding avocado seeds to your morning smoothies, you get much more than an energy boost, you also get a great dose of fiber to balance out blood sugar levels, keeping away the spikes and dips that can cause diabetes.

7. Anti-inflammatory properties

As mentioned before, avocado seeds have powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce the risk of developing chronic inflammation.

Inflammation can cause several diseases from arthritis to hypertension to Alzheimer’s, it needs to be carefully managed and monitored all the time.

Beauty Secret

1. Fights blemishes

When powdered and used as a facial mask, avocado seeds help reduce blemishes on the skin, from acne scars to clogged pores, it will help the skin heal itself and regenerate faster thanks to the phytochemicals they contain, leaving you with a radiant complexion.

2. Hair wash

The phytochemicals found in avocado seeds are great for fighting off dandruff and restoring healthy hair by promoting hair growth.

The grated seeds can be mixed with your shampoo and used to wash the hair. Besides promoting hair growth, the compounds contained in avocado seeds have anti-fungal properties that help destroy any fungus blocking the follicles.

3. Frizz control

Like avocadoes, when used in a hair mask, avocado seeds keep the hair’s moisture levels balanced, which prevents frizz and makes the hair smoother and more manageable.

4. A great gentle scrub

Scrubs are important in any skin regimen, They get rid of dead skin cells and make a place for new cells to grow.
Mix the grated avocado seeds with coffee grounds or salt for a great body scrub, then apply on the skin with circular gentle motions.

5. A pimple popper

If you notice a pimple breaking out, grate an avocado seed and mix it with some warm water and stir until you get a thick creamy paste, apply it on the pimple avoiding the rest of the skin and leave it up to 6 minutes then rinse out with water.

This mask will dry out the pimple and make it go away in no time.

One of the most noticeable nutrients the seeds have is the fiber content, when combined with natural oils, vitamins and minerals, this content helps improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and has even been linked to preventing the development of cancer cells!

Using avocado seeds might seem hard to do since they are touch pits but in reality, they’re easily sliced and blended, the easiest way to incorporate them in your diet is to blend them in your morning smoothies, this will guarantee that you’re giving your day a healthy kick start.

Another great way to use the seed is by grounding them into a fine powder that you can use as a spice for your meals and salads, adding a few pinches will go a long way into ensuring your body is as healthy as it can be.


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