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The Most Important Body Changes that Happen After 40

Growing old is inevitable for all of us unless you are suffering from Progeria or Never age Syndrome. Some can’t wait to reach 40 for they believe they are about to start the best years of their life. It’s a milestone which you should celebrate as it comes with so many great life lessons.

However, others dread the age due to the physical and emotional changes that come with it. Some of which could be new while others may have happened earlier. Here are 9 of the body changes that occur when you get to 40.

1. Hair Changes In Dense and Colour

Hair Changes In Dense and Colour

Hair starts to lose its thickness in both men and women. However, it happens faster in men than in women. The majority of people lose their thick hair before turning 30 while 53% of men go bald after 40. Also, the thinning of the hair depends on genetics. But on the bright side, body hair stops growing too!

Apart from hair thinning, you might notice some changes in your hair color. You may start to see grey hairs as early as in your 20s, but they are more prominent in your 40s. The more you age, the greyer your hair will get.

To help reduce hair loss, take better care of your hair. For instance, you can cut it from time to time and apply hair masks. Also, avoid using a hairdryer. Incorporate more vitamins into your diet or visit a Trichologist to find out how to deal with the issue.

2. Change in Smell and Taste

Change in Smell and Taste

On average, humans are born with 9,000 taste buds. But as we grow older, the number decreases; hence, your sense of taste declines. It is slower in men than in women. First, you lose your sense of salty and sweet tastes, then the bitter and sour ones.

Also, your sense of smell gradually declines as you age. Initially, when you are young, cells responsible for smell die and regenerate. However, as you age, the cells don’t regenerate as fast, leading to the loss of smell.

3. Hearing and Vision Impairment

Hearing and Vision Impairment

When you get to 40, you might start experiencing hearing and eyesight issues. In most cases, people at this age have far-sightedness and dry eyes. Also, you begin to notice differences in color discernment.

Additional to having eyesight issues, your hearing will worsen. Changes in the structure of the tympanic membrane and the inner ear attribute to hearing impairment. Regular visits to the doctor will help spot the problem earlier.

4. Losing Weight Gets Difficult

Losing Weight Gets Difficult

As you age, it gets tough to lose those extra pounds since your metabolism slows down. At age 40, you might start to realize how easy it is to gain weight than to shed. Hence, you should watch your diet and focus more on nutrients. Also, avoid skipping meals and eat fewer calories. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot lose weight.

5. High Chances of Getting Cancer

High Chances of Getting Cancer

Once you hit 40, your body becomes more prone to certain cancers increasing health risks. The most common is breast cancer for both males and females. Moreover, in most people, cases of cancer get diagnosed when they are in their 50s. To be on the safe side, go for yearly mammograms once you turn 40. Also, talk to your doctor so you can get more information on what to expect.

6. You Become Lactose Intolerance

You Become Lactose Intolerance

Say goodbye to all the dairy products that are not lactose-free. Lactose intolerance is when milk is not digested, leading to large intestine issues. Although for some people it happens much earlier even from childhood, it’s still possible to get lactose intolerant at 40.

Usually, Asian and African American women are the most affected. When you get to 40, there is a decrease in your level of lactase enzyme which digests lactose. But don’t worry, you can drink lactose-free milk and consume probiotics.

7. Teeth Sensitivity Decreases

Teeth Sensitivity Decreases

As you age, your teeth sensitivity will vanish, mainly if you suffered from it when you were young. The change gets attributed to the growth of dentin which is a calcified tissue hence reducing your teeth sensitivity.

As much as it’s a positive thing, you will not feel when something is wrong with your teeth. Thus, it would be best to visit the dentist regularly.

8. You Get More Attractive

8. You Get More Attractive

As you increase in age, so does your level of confidence, especially in women. Women at their 40 love themselves better, associate with non-toxic people, and don’t worry about little things. Also, they get to be happier and financially independent. By this age, you will have experienced all the ups and downs of life and found inner peace. Therefore, in the eyes of other people, you appear more attractive.

However, your skin will become drier, making it hard to treat. The skin loses collagen, and cell turnover radically reduces too. Hence, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, more dullness, and age spots.

9. You Become More Forgetful

You Become More Forgetful

You will start to experience memory loss even if it’s for a brief moment. For instance, you may forget what you need to pick from a room or not remember the name of someone you know. Scientific research indicates that memory’s sharpness and sense of understanding decreases from the age of 45. It should not worry you unless it happens more often, which could be dementia.

 Bottom Line

Hopefully, you are now mentally ready for the big 40. Know that you are not the only one who is aging and experiencing these changes. You’d be lucky if you have someone to walk with through this journey. But if not, don’t worry, you are stronger than you think.

Notably, the changes will not all happen at once, so don’t panic. There are some changes you can prevent from happening and others which you can slow down. Also, some are genetic, meaning they may or may not happen to you at all. Also, don’t let age stop you from achieving those goals.


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