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9 Reasons Why Sleeping in a Cold Room is More Beneficial

Sleep is an essential part of our lives, and not getting enough can take a toll on your health and performance. Each night you look forward to jumping into our warm, well-lined beds and covering yourself till you drift to sleep… only to wake up sweating and feeling uncomfortable, then you struggle to get back to sleep. Eventually, you end up opening the window or switching on your fan.

Notably, the human body temperature rises and lowers during the day. The highest temperature occurs in the late afternoon, and the lowest happens around 5 a.m. So, when the temperatures drop, they encourage you to fall asleep faster.

If you maintain a cold environment, you won’t toss and turn the whole night. Also, here are other health benefits associated with sleeping in a cold room.

1. Helps You Maintain a Young and Youthful Look

We all have heard of “beauty sleep.” Getting enough sleep and sleeping in a cold environment helps improve your looks. Scientific research shows that temperatures under 60 degrees enhance the body’s melatonin hormone production, which enables you to fall asleep. Also, it acts as an antioxidant, meaning it serves as an anti-aging hormone.

Moreover, the melatonin hormone helps protect your body against diabetes, brain issues, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. As a result, your body gets what it requires to stay healthy, reflecting on your skin, leaving you looking young and youthful.

2. It Makes It Easy To Fall Asleep

Experiencing trouble falling asleep could be attributed to many factors. One of which is poor body temperature regulation. Our bodies tend to decrease our temperature to allow us to recharge naturally. When we fall asleep, we go through multiple sleep stages. The first stage occurs 60 to 90 minutes before your regular bedtime, at which you start to lose heat from your core. Thus, causing the feeling of tiredness, prompting you to sleep easily.

Notably, if your environment is too warm, your body will try and regulate its temperature. Hence, instead of falling asleep, you stay awake and struggle to fall into a deep sleep. Cool bedrooms will aid in cooling down your body, and in return, it induces sleep.

3. Improves Your Metabolism

Improved metabolism helps you in losing weight. Sleeping in cooler temperatures increases the brown fat that our bodies store to help burn calories and disposes of excess blood sugar.

Thus, decreasing temperatures to 66 degrees before you sleep will activate the brown fat. Subsequently, your body burns calories and eliminates unwanted fats as well as keep your skin temperature at an optimal rate to make it more effective.

4. Reduces Your Stress Levels

We all know what stress can do to our mental states, and that’s why most people try to avoid stress at any cost. Higher temperatures lead to the production of cortisol stress hormone. However, when you are in a cold room, cortisol levels remain in check. As a result, you are more relaxed, leading to better quality sleep.

5. You Enjoy Uninterrupted Sleep

Waking up in the middle of the night because it’s too hot is something most of us have experienced. It’s not an enjoyable feeling since you might struggle to fall back to sleep. When you are in a deep slumber, your body works on essential issues such as memory consolidation and cellular repair.

However, it doesn’t regulate your body temperature. If the temperature increases, you will wake up from your deep sleep in the middle of the night. And probably that will be the end of an enjoyable night. Thus, a cold room will lower the chances of your waking up before your alarm goes off in the morning.

6. Acts As Pain and Inflammation Reliever

Pain and inflammation can keep you up all night. In most cases, when people have a swollen or an inflamed body part, they place ice or a cold compress on the affected area.

Similarly, sleeping in a cold room can have the same soothing effect of relieving pain and inflammation. When you are no longer in pain, you will have a night of uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling much better. Moreover, it’s one reason why athletes prefer to sleep in a cold room after a game.

7. Prevents Yeast Infections

The majority of women experience yeast infections more than often. Fungi and bacteria live and thrive in warm and moist environments. Since the female lady parts are moist, sleeping in a warm room will encourage bacteria growth. But a cold place will help stop the bacteria from spreading, preventing yeast infections.

8. Boosts Your Immune System against Certain Diseases

As we mentioned earlier, cooler temperatures activate brown fat, which supports metabolism, leading to healthy body weight.

For instance, it lowers your chances of obesity, which can lead to diabetes and some cancers. Moreover, when your body weight is ideal, you are less prone to cardiovascular diseases. There is a reduction in triglycerides and cholesterol levels too. Hence, a cold room will lower your chances of developing metabolic diseases.

9. Improves Male Fertility

Science reveals that when men get exposed to heat for a prolonged time, it can affect their male fertility. (Lower your thermostat if you plan on having kids anytime soon!) The cold temperatures will help improve your fertility. Also, make sure to wear loose underwear during the day to ensure the ideal temperature.


It’s important to note that the ideal sleeping temperature ranges between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. But that’s not the case for infants. A sleeping infant’s room temperature should range from 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, not all of us are privileged to have a central air conditioning unit. But, you can use other cooling substitutes. For instance, you can buy a cooling gel mattress topper or pillow, use a box fan or drink water to lower your temperature.


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