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12 Mistakes that Make Your Outfits Look Cheap and How to Avoid them

There is no hiding the fact that clothes are an addiction, more so in women than men.

Some outfits, as expensive as they are, look trashy and cheap, whilst other clothes from less pricey brands can look sophisticated and expensive. It all depends on many factors which we will get into details about in this article.

Are you a clothing addict and you need some advice on how to avoid looking cheap no matter what brands of clothes you wear? Then read on the advice below!

1. A trend dies with its season

If you want to look cheap, a sure way to go about it is to wear clothing from previous seasons, chances are, everyone knows what season they were trendy and how long you have owned them.

Some items are timeless and will always be trendy. As for other ones, you can mix and match them for different looks that will keep you updated with the season.

2. Oversized clothes are not a great choice

Let’s take a simple white t-shirt, for example, if it fits correctly, it will look fabulous, but if it’s baggy and too large, then it will look ugly on you.

Oversized clothing might be the trend on social media, but in reality, they don’t look all that good on anyone, in real life they look more like clothes we borrowed from someone else that’s not the same size as us.

Also, oversized clothes make us look heavier than we are, they can add up to 30 pounds of imaginary weight!

3. Simple rivets are the way to go

Colorful rivets in jeans might look great when first buying a pair of jeans, but as soon as they go through the washing mashing all color fades away leaving them looking washed out and old.

When buying new jeans, look for simple details that will last through washing machine cycles.

4. Inscription jeans

This is a trend that had its days in the ‘90s and it should stay there!

Jeans with stripes, inscriptions, or zippers might look great but if you want to look classy and elegant then there is nothing better than a minimalist style, a great quality fabric that doesn’t protrude anywhere, and a snug fit that hugs your body rather than engulf it.

When it comes to jeans, less is definitely more.

5. Color associations

Color matches are what can make or break an outfit, they truly make the cheapest item of clothing look chic and the most expensive one look like trash.

When mixing clothes, pay attention to the basic rules in the fashion world. Don’t wear an acid shade every day, balance bright colors with pastel tones, and so on. You don’t need to be a fashionista to understand the world of clothes mixing and matching.

Taste is what comes into play here as well, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a certain tone then opt for another one that will make you feel trendy and chic, just make sure to do your research on the do’s and don’ts beforehand.

6. How the seams are done

This is a detail that escapes people’s minds when shopping. You have to make sure the seams are well done with no hanging thread of protruding parts and that they have matching endings.

Companies that value their customers put in the effort to guarantee a great quality that will not change after a washing cycle.

7. Scratched eyewear

Glasses and sunglasses are part of our lives whether we like it or not. They’re one of those accessories that require a lot of care because they’re too delicate to be treated any other way.

Once there is a single scratch on the glasses, they go from looking elegant and smart to look untidy and messy.
Although the higher-end brands are less prone to scratching, the truth is that without proper care they will become all messed up.

To prolong their life span always put them in a special case and only clean them with the special fiber cloth provided when you purchased them.

8. Sayings on T-shirts

T-shirt inscriptions are a great piece in every wardrobe, but not all inscriptions look sophisticated for everyday wear. For example, jokes and rude signs are not for adults, they can wear them in a casual setting, but they will make them look childish and immature for their age.

The same goes for inscriptions in different languages, you need to make sure what it says is not rude before wearing it out.

9. Missing a button

Never ever go out with a missing button. You will make your outfit look cheap and untidy, and it will make people think you’re a cheap messy person that doesn’t care about the way they look.

Always check your clothes when you set them out ready to wear, if you notice any missing buttons, either fix them on your own or take them to a professional, it won’t take more than a few minutes.

10. Worn out heels

We’re all guilty of over wearing a pair of shoes, sometimes even when the tips are worn out we keep on wearing them. This is the number one mistake that women make that makes their outfits look cheap.

If you don’t have the cash to spare on brand new shoes, you can easily fix the ones you have, the tip can be replaced with a brand new one. Even scratches can be reversed using the proper tools and equipment.

11. Nail polish on hands without a proper manicure

If you don’t have time or the resources to do a manicure, try avoiding painting your nails because that will draw attention to your fingers.

The cuticles need constant attention, you can use a cuticle oil every day to soften them and make them appear less messy.

12. Clothes that don’t fit the season

Wearing a miniskirt in winter does not look good at all, on the contrary, it suggests that you don’t have clothes for the wintertime.

The same goes for wearing heavy clothes in late spring or summer.

The price tag is not what makes an outfit look great, it’s how it fits, how it’s made, the quality of the sewing, and a lot more.

The most important rule is to always care for your belongings, treat them with attention and you will always look well-kept and elegant.


Noah Hollandhttp://1informed.com
I am a 28 year old Digital Marketer, Writer and Fashion Stylist. My professional training includes a Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship & Marketing) and a Master of Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship. For the last 6 years I have specialised in social media marketing and advertising, copywriting, proofreading and editing.


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12 Mistakes that Make Your Outfits Look Cheap and How to Avoid them

There is no hiding the fact that clothes are an addiction, more so in women than men. Some outfits, as expensive as they are, look...

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