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10 Ways to Make No Insect Raid Into Your Home Ever Again

It’s that time of year again where all hell breaks loose as far as insect home invasions go. And not to remind you again but we don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with one of those in this God-forsaken year of 2020. So, if you want to know a few tricks to keep your house safe from insect raids, stick around for this article. It’ll get you buzzing. Pun completely intended.

1. Cockroaches

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For some of us – and when I say some of us I mean most of us- get Goosebumps and nauseous just by hearing the name of cockroaches or at the sight of them. But fear not, my friends, those days will soon be behind us. The most efficient way to trick insects in general, and in this case cockroaches, is by luring them in. A way to do that is by setting a water trap.

That can be done by cutting an old soda bottle into two, you’d want your cut to be around 70% from the bottom, that way you’ll have the smallest part with the bottle cap. Then you will flip that cap into the bottle and close it with duct tape around the edges while the bottom part is less than halfway full with water. The roaches will go down there for water and will not be able to get out. Problem solved.

2. Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies
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God I hate those persistent little rascals can fuss up on the tiniest hint of ripeness of a fruit that’s not in the fridge. Luckily, we have the solution for those as well. Take your least favourite glass jar and fill about a quarter of it with Apple Cider Vinegar with some chopped rotten fruits. Then playing some paper in the shape of a funnel on the jar. Leave it overnight and you will see for yourself just how effective this old trick can be.

3. Flies

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Those ones are definitely most likely to be voted as most hated flies of all time. Their relentlessness in making our life living hell is admirable but intolerably annoying. Therefore, we have to figure out a way for them as well. Luckily, it just so happens that flies have their own kryptonite in the shape of lavender.

So what you can do is take a piece of cloth or sponge and fill it to saturation with lavender’s essential oil. It will act as a repellent. You can also make a lavender repellent spray with roughly 30 drops of Lavender’s EO in a small water bottle. That should keep the flies away and the house smelling as fresh as you’d like.

4. Ants

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Although their Disney movie was blockbuster, but in my books, they are not even in my favourite Disney movies. So if you want to stop the absolute ravage real life ants can do to your house the solution is simple. One teaspoon each of rubbing alcohol along with your standard liquid soap; mix that with a small cup of water and spray wherever you can see ants’ trails. The alcohol ingredient ought to repeal those little insects away.

5. Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees
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Not that the other insects don’t have an ecological role, but bees are by far the most important insect on our beautiful earth. So much so that a big part of why our earth is so beautiful is because of bees. Therefore, the first option would be contact your local beekeeper in case of a bee infestation.

But in the case where that is not possible, making a citrus oil spray is the way to go. The solution is made by boiling several slices of citrus fruits (different types of orange, lemon, lime, lemongrass, etc.) for 10 to 15 minutes. Spraying the relevant area should be enough to put our favourite pollinators away from the area at least.

6. Wasps

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Now onto the definitely more notoriously hostile cousins of bees, wasps. One preventive measure that can be placed in your house in order to prevent a wasp infestation before it begins is a fake nest. These insects are known to be extremely territorial and will therefore not approach already claimed territory.

But in the unfortunate case that the infestation has already taken place, mix a couple of teaspoons of liquid sop with water and spray the infected area. This is proclaimed to be very effective in handling this threat, although caution is advised while administering this procedure and expert professionals is the first recommendation.

7. Spiders

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This one has little to no sympathy from us, if anything, all it gets form us is complete and utter panic at the very sight of them. Whether that’s misplaced or not is not our subject.

So if you decide it’s not misplaced, here’s how to completely vanquish those eight-legged freaks; you take half a cup each of water and vinegar and the secret ingredient, tea tree essential oil. Add a few drops of that to the mix and spray away your horrors, my friend.

8. Bedbugs

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Those itch-causing, disgusting-looking insects are one of the enemies of human beings and beds alike. The way to scare them away would be using the eucalyptus essential oil. The formula would consist of ten drops of the said oil along with a cup of water. Use that solution to spray your mattress as well as the bedding. This should make you forget you ever had a bedbug problem.

9. Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs
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Apart from being the clear winner of ‘The most appropriately named insect’ award, these little stink bombs are a nuisance in the house, nonetheless. And the trick to get them out of your house is by using the ever so efficient garlic spray.

That can be made using two cups of water along with a generous amount of 4 teaspoons of garlic powder. You now have a solution that, when sprayed on plants windows and surface, makes your house completely stink bug immune. And it also helps that vampires won’t be too keen to come raid your house either, that’s also a plus.

10. Mosquitoes

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And, of course, speaking of vampires, this is another type of bloodsucking creatures we need to worry about. Only this one is much more real than vampires. And before you jump to it, Buffy; no we are not using the same garlic spray nor are we using silver.

We are using lemongrass or citronella’s essential oil. Those two fruits are known to be excellent mosquito repellents. You can use the essential oil in the same of a candle or buy a diffusing machine. Either way just the scent of those essential oils around the house is more than enough to put those zinging bloodthirsty insects for good.

That’s a wrap! Now you have 10 fool-proof methods of protect your home from insect raids. Let us know in the comments how you liked these methods and share the info with your circles so that we can all have a peaceful quarantined summer in our houses.


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