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10 Things You’d Better Stop Doing Before A Doctor Visit

Often when a doctor misdiagnoses a patient, everyone blames the doctor and say that they are incompetent and not good at their job. But the reality is a whole other story, patients also can cause misdiagnoses by doing certain behaviors before going to the doctor’s appointment and we are here today to shed light on those bad behaviors. So, here are 10 things you’d better stop doing before going to a doctor visit if you do not want him to misdiagnose you.

1. Do not get a mani-pedi before visiting the dermatologist

A part of a dermatologist examination is nails. Change in nails can tell a lot of things about your health, that’s why a dermatologist should always examine them and check if there are any infections or signs of internal disease so they should be in their natural state and not covered with nail polish. But checking the nails is not only the dermatologist job, you should also keep an eye on your nails state and talk with your doctor if you notice any change.

2. Do not drink alcohol before a cholesterol test

If your doctor asks for a cholesterol test, the best time to do it is before having any kind of sweet food or beverages and especially alcohol. Alcohol, even though it is cholesterol free, but it contains a lot of sugar and carbohydrates (sugars and starches that the body breaks down into glucose), these substances will make your cholesterol jump high, and even though it will return to normal after a while but the test results will be incorrect.

3. Do not get too thirsty before a urine test

When taking a test urine, you should have enough urine for the test results to be accurate. As we all know 99% of urine is water, the tests are only done on the left 1% that contains acid, ammonia, hormones, dead blood cells, protein and other substances. So 200ml of urine will contain only 2ml of the other substances and for the analysis to be successful, the urine should have enough of these substances. The best thing to do before a urine test is to drink enough water and not let yourself get too thirsty.

4. Do not use deodorant before a mammogram

If you do not want to get a heart attack after a mammogram, we suggest you do not use deodorant before it. Deodorant contains some metallic substances, these substances may be mistaken for calcifications during a mammogram procedure, and calcifications are a sign of cancer developing. So, if you do not want to return home scared and stressed because of this, you would better not use deodorant.

5. Do not eat red food before getting a colonoscopy

Before a colonoscopy, you should always avoid colored food especially red food. Red colored food can change the color of your colon and this will affect the colonoscopy result. One week before your colonoscopy, you should stop eating red colored food such as beets, red frosting, red candy, tomato, tomato sauce, cranberries and red licorice. For other colored food, it is enough not to eat them the day of the colonoscopy and you should stick with only clear food and liquids.

6. Do not eat salty meal before having a blood pressure test

Too much salt in general is bad for your health, that’s why it is recommended not to have too much salty food during the day and the best thing to do is to balance the salt and sugar in your meals during the day. But before a blood pressure test, you should always avoid food that contains a lot of salt, like fast food, nuts, cheesy food, etc. Because it will affect your blood pressure and the test results will be incorrect.

7. Do not take medicine before having a blood test

As well know, medicine influences our blood. That is why it is recommended to stay away from any drugs so that your blood will be as clean as possible and your test results will be more accurate. For prescribed medicine, do not take any decisions on your own. Usually doctors, when they ask for a blood test, they ask the patient not to take the medicine the morning before the test and to take it right after it. But if the doctor does not say anything, it is better to ask other than taking a bad decision that will affect your health.

8. Do not change your everyday schedule

Usually when we follow a certain regime, our body gets used to it and once we change it, our body experiences stress. It is recommended before visiting the doctor, not to change your sleeping or eating habits, so that your body will not experience any kind of stress and the body’s general condition and different body indices will stay the same.

9. Do not use creams, lubricants or tampons before a pap smear

Female organs are known to be very sensitive and they can get irritated very easily by different external factors, that is why the doctors always advice their female patients to take extra good care of it and to have a pap smear test every 3 years. In order for the pap smear test to be done properly, it is recommended not to wear tampons, no apply any kind of cream or lubricant on your female organ, nor use any spermicides 48 hours before the test, and also don’t make any vaginal douches 72 hours before the test.

10. Do not surf the internet before visiting an ophthalmologist

Too much activity on the eye can affect the result of your ophthalmologist visit, that is why it is recommended to rest your eyes very well before the visit and stay away from any gadgets that may result in eye-strain. The eye-strain condition can indicate serious issues in the eyes, but it can also happen temporarily dur to excessive use of your phone or your computer. So, for your test results to be accurate, your eyes should be well rested.

Now you know Some of the things you should never do before a doctor visit, for your test to be correct and accurate and to avoid any misdiagnoses. Do not forget to comment below if you have ever rescheduled a doctor appointment because of any of the reasons mentioned above, or if you ever were misdiagnosed because of a mistake that you did. And share this article with your friends and family.


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