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10 Mistakes That Cause Us To Overspend On Food

Everyone loves food, I mean who does not like crispy chicken, cheesy bites, chocolate cookies, chocolate cakes, all those sweet and savory goodies that we cannot have enough of. And even if you somehow do not like food, you must eat unless you want to die, in that case please get some help.

Sometimes you realize you have spent too much money on groceries even though you think you got just necessary things. We are here today to show you what you are doing wrong during grocery shopping that makes your wallet go empty quickly, so here are 10 mistakes that cause us to overspend on food.

1. Shopping in the wrong order

When going to the grocery store, we usually go through every department and we fill our cart with unnecessary things first and that is one big mistake when it comes to grocer shopping.

The best thing to do is to start with the vegetables and meat department, that way your cart will be full faster, because vegetables and meat take up a lot of space, and you won’t have enough space left for unnecessary things like unhealthy snacks or things you never thought you wanted until you saw it.

2. Neglecting prices

How many times have you seen the offer of get two then receive one for free, or when you see a massive reduction on a product’s price tag, and you say to yourself “That is a great deal”? Well I have some bad new for you, most of the time it is not a great deal, it is just a trick that supermarkets play on you, to fool you and get you to buy more products than what you actually need.

If you start memorizing the price of the products you get regularly, you will confirm what I have just told you and you will avoid being fooled.

3. Not planning ahead

The best thing to do before going to the grocery store, is to make a grocery list of what you need for the week, or the month based on your preferences. To do that, it is best if you make a meal plan for the week and check for what you already have and what is missing in your house and then make a full list of what you need and stick by it.

It will be hard at first to resist getting something not on the list but with time it will get easier and you will find yourself saving a lot of money.

4. Product’s weight matters

When getting diary products, or any packaged products check the weight, because you may find two of the same product from different brands, and one product is more expensive than the other; so instantly and without thinking you grab the less expensive option and you feel good about yourself for saving those extra cents, while the truth is that you didn’t save anything, on the contrary you spent more money because had you checked the weights you would realize that the product you thought was expensive is actually cheaper because it weights more than the other one for just a few cents more.

5. Ignoring the store’s brand

While getting groceries, we usually ignore the store’s brand because the packaging doesn’t look good and it doesn’t draw your attention, but when it does you don’t get it either because you say to yourself that store brands quality does not match up to other popular brands quality.

That is a trick that we all fall for, just because a popular brand has a beautiful packaging, we think that its quality is better than the normal packaged products of the store. But the truth is that the quality is the same because the same factories that make products for popular brands, make the same products for the store’s brand, the only difference is packaging.

6. Too afraid of change

When we get used of buying the same products from the same brand, we do not dare to try new brands that are a lot less expensive than the products we get.

That happens because we do not want to risk spending money on new products only to get disappointed by their quality. But taking a risk sometimes leads to better results, those cheaper products may surprise you with their quality.

7. Ignoring discounts

Supermarkets often offer discounts on their products but we don’t know about it because we don’t keep an eye on them and honestly no one has the time to go the grocery store everyday to see if there is a discount or not.

One way to help you keep track of supermarket discounts is getting one of those apps that informs you whenever there is a discount and even lets you compare the price of products in different stores.

8. Avoiding inexpensive products

You should always remember that cheap does not necessarily mean bad quality. There are some products that you can get with a very reasonable price if sold in normal packages, like salt, sugar, cereals, etc. The packaging does not change how they taste but it does change their price and how it affects your wallet.

9. Want fresh food? look in the back edge of the shelf

When we are getting groceries, we are always looking for the freshest products that will last longer and it will not expire too quickly and end up throwing it away. One useful tip we have for you is to look in the back edge of the shelf, supermarkets usually put fresher products in the back and leave older ones in the front so that people get them first.

10. Falling prey to marketing ploys

Sometimes we find some unique products in the supermarket, some unusual products containing unusual Vitamins, one simple example is “salt without GMO’s”, that is one big trick that brands use to sell normal products with a higher price. Salt does not contain GMO’s because it is only present in foods of plant or animal origin.

These were the 10 mistakes you probably make while grocery shopping, try avoiding these and you will find yourself saving more money during the month. Do not forget to comment below if you found this article useful and if you have any other mistake that people do while grocery shopping. And share this article with your friends and family.

Noah Hollandhttp://1informed.com
I am a 28 year old Digital Marketer, Writer and Fashion Stylist. My professional training includes a Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship & Marketing) and a Master of Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship. For the last 6 years I have specialised in social media marketing and advertising, copywriting, proofreading and editing.


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