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1. Data recovery:

The data that is stored in the storage device can be lost at any time. This is the main problem that businesses and users go through from time to time. Digital data is important in today’s time. This could lead to many problems, such as legal and financial.

The data stored digitally can be recovered at any time. This process of recovering the data lost is called data recovery. The data is inaccessible because of some physical or logical damage.

During the process of data recovery, the files that have been lost are scanned and retrieved. The data can be recovered from different storage sources such as the laptop’s internal drive for storage, solid-state drive, external hard disk drive, USB flash drive, memory cards, etc.

2. Physical and Logical failures:

Logical failures: In a logical failure, the data is lost accidentally because of formatting the drive, deleting the data, volume deletion, the drive could get corrupted, reinstalling the O.S., boot failure, etc.

Physical failures: The data that is lost due to connectivity issues, the physical space for storage, damage of any component, failure of any electronic equipment comes under physical damage.

3. How Data is Lost?

The data can’t be lost if you delete it from the location of storage. After deletion, they are moved to recycle bin available in windows or the trash of Mac OS. The deleted files can be restored from the recycle bin and trash.

They are moved back to their original location. Even after the deletion of data from trash or recycle bins, they aren’t deleted. You can easily recover them using some recovery software as they still exist on the drive. The logically lost data can also be recovered in the same manner.

4. How is Data Recovery Possible?

During the formatting, to increase the computing speed, the OS deleted all the file references. Meaning, the files’ reference is cleared during the formatting, but the files still exist on the drive. The files are not lost completely.

If any files are overwritten, then it is complicated to retrieve the original file. Overwriting deletes the files, but it requires many resources of computing and time, so the operating system prefers not to overwrite. Due to this, it is inaccessible and can be retrieved by the software of data recovery.

5. Limitations of Data Recovery:

It is usually easy to recover data, but sometimes it can be hard during some situations, which are as follows:

It is difficult to recover the data if it is overwritten during formatting.
If the data has been corrupted badly.
If the lost data is present in a defective sector.


The valuable lost data can be restored immediately. Many unexpected scenarios like deleting the files unintentionally, attack of viruses on the system, crashing of the software, physical damage, etc., can be the reason to lose the files.

To overcome this, take the data backup from time to time. If you do not find yourself capable, you can always turn to Data Clinic. If any digital data is to be retrieved, then Data Clinic is the specialist that must be visited in London.

Data Clinic provides recovery services for both phones and hard drive data recovery Manchester. Since 2002, it has been doing business and has experts that resolve it immediately.

The professionals here utilize the most efficient and high-level technology to recover the lost data. It provides the best data recovery services Manchester. The Data Clinic Ltd. serves the best data recovery services in London.


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